When to start preparing for Judicial Services ? What’s the value of starting Preparation before completing LLB?

How to Prepare for Judicial Services?

We are starting a series of articles on “how to prepare for judicial services”. In each article in the series we will deal with a specific question. In this article we are dealing with the foremost and most important question of the aspirants-

When to start preparing for Judicial Services ? What’s the value of starting Preparation before completing LLB?

“Earlier you start, greater the chances of success

The time you are sure that Judicial services is your final goal and it will not change by the influence of what others are doing, is the time you should ideally start preparing for the services. As soon as you reach to this state of mind, you should start your preparation as I believe earlier you start, greater the chance of success.

If you reach to this state of mind during your college then you must not wait till graduation to start preparing for it as starting early has great advantages and fatal disadvantages if you start late.

The advantage is that the younger the age of joining, greater the chance of elevation to the High Court before retirement. Another opportunity is to become senior in the profession of all subsequent recruits even if you were junior to them in college. Such seniority then continues throughout the service.
Advantages may not seem too important for the aspirants who are yet to join the services but disadvantages are so fatal that they work as catalyst in the failure.

To understand their catalyst nature, let’s imagine a situation of student X of a NLU, who mooted, debated, organised events, played games, travelled with friends, bunked classes and did all those activities which a normal law student does in five year course. After graduation he has joined a coaching in city where he is out of the comfort zone of the college and home, and he is going to regular coaching classes for minimum 6 hours daily, eating unhealthy food or cooking himself, living on sharing basis at high rents, and he is in all those situations which are totally opposite to the comfort zone of the college for which he can’t even sit on Dharna for improvement. Even if he shifts home for studying after the coaching is over, there are different things to deal then. He now has to face his family which look upon him to fulfil the NLU Dream for which they had spent lakhs, repayment of education loan is due now, face the relatives who ask you about what you are doing, even friends getting married disappoints some and for some it’s difficult to hold parents for not getting you married/engaged.

These hurdles de-motivate, cause stress and depression, make you feel low and distract from the goal. One has to deal with all these situation/hurdles to constantly move on the path of preparation, and believe me one has to do it all alone as others have no time to deal with your problems are they have their own.

You then start looking at other career options and most of the time to rescue yourself from the situation you opt them.

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