Ram Manohar Choudhary, 5th Ranker, 29th Bihar Judicial Service Exam

We are pleased to share the Interview of Mr. Ram Manohar Choudhary who secured 5th Rank in 29th Bihar Judicial Service Competitive Examination (Notification 1/2016). As per the results, which were declared on 31st Oct 2017 total 194 candidates were successful in making it in the final selection list. Mr. Ram Manohar’s success story is here below:-


Name- Ram Manohar Choudhary

Date of Birth- 15/09/1988

Educational Qualifications-

10th— 75%, CBSE Board, 2003 , Place- Assam,

12th— 65%, CBSE Board, 2005 , Place- Assam,

Graduation— 73.75%, B.A. LL.B. from CNLU, Patna, 2012

LL.M. —No

Heartiest Congratulations on your success from Gurukul Judicial Academy and also on behalf all the aspirants who would be reading your interview.

Q.1. Were you confident of your success in this examination and how did you react to this news?

Ram Manohar:  After completing my law school course in 2012, I moved Delhi for preparation, having a sanguine for success. I was very confident as my previous academic record was excellent in the law school. But, after facing failure in my first serious attempt in Jharkhand in 2015, I lost my confidence. I was in despair, planning to quit and switching over for other options. But, my Mentor asked me to continue the pursuance of the same goal and try again. I agreed and tried and finally success touched my destiny !

Q.2. In how many attempts have you achieved this success?

Ram Manohar: In Bihar it was my first attempt. Previously, I had made two serious attempts in Jharkhand but failed. Destiny had reserved home state for me !

Q.3. When did you start your preparations? When should a student ideally start preparation for the judicial services examination?

Ram Manohar: I started preparation after completing my law school. Ideally, student should start preparation for Judicial Service examination when he is in the final year of his law school course. As, it will give him a momentum when he starts serious preparation after completing the law school.

Q.4. Did you join any coaching for the preparation?

Ram Manohar: Yes, I joined Rahul’s IAS, New Delhi.

Q.5. If yes, how helpful it was?

Ram Manohar: Coaching was helpful in clearing the concepts. It makes the task easy and smooth.

Q.6. How helpful are the coaching academies in achieving the goal?

Ram Manohar: Coaching academies is one of the mediums in achieving the goal but it is not the only medium. The goal can be achieved through strong will power, dedication and perseverance. Whether goal is being pursued without coaching or with coaching, that doesn’t matter rather what matters the most is the right approach and path.

Q.7. What difference does it make in the preparation without joining any coaching academy ?

Ram Manohar: As above said, without coaching also goal can be achieved if effort is made in right direction. A lot of effort is not needed, what is needed is effort with a lot of dedication with right approach. It is completely a state of mind than only physical existence.

Q.8.What role people at Gurukul played in your approach and path to success ?

Ram Manohar: People at Gurukul played important role in inculcating confidence and regaining the momentum towards the goal after failure. Competitive examination prepation needs mental and emotional support besides knowledge only. This support I received from My Mentor from Gurukul.

Q.9. What advice you give to those who wish to prepare for the exam without joining any coaching academy ?

Ram Manohar: Those who wish to prepare for the exam without joining any academy, they must go for following steps:-

(i) They must prepare a time table and strictly follow that( At least 6 hours study).

(ii) For Preliminary Test, read Bare acts thoroughly and practice Multiple Choice Questions.

(iii) But, if it creates problem in understanding the Bare act language, then take help from textbooks. If it is still not clear, read any judgment on that section, it will be clear.

(iv) But, this is not necessary for all sections. So, it is necessary to divide areas into three parts- Very important, Important, Less Important.

(v) Notes for mains must be prepared for those areas which are very important. This also helps in writing answers in mains exam. What is stored in mind is one thing but what is written in answer sheet is another thing.

(vi) For General Knowledge and current events read Newspaper and Pratiyogita Darpan.

(vii) If preparing for Bihar and Uttar Pradesh Judicial Services, then for GK must read once NCERT Books.

Q.10. The first step is the most difficult; how to prepare ? From where, did you get the right advice ?

Ram Manohar: It is not true to say that first step that is how to prepare is the most difficult step rather what is correct to say that it is the most important step. The reason is only proper planning can proceeds towards perfect success ! Planning the path towards goal is the indispensable step. Though, I got the right advice from coaching but now I may guide to those who may not go there.

Q.11. Did you receive guidance from any successful aspirant ? Has any particular success story influenced your journey to this result ?

Ram Manohar:  No, I was not fortunate to receive guidance from any successful aspirant. No, there is no any such particular success story that has influenced my journey. But, when our result was declared and names were pronounced, I always felt that I may also find my name among successful candidates one day.

Q.12. You achieved the desired success in this attempt; how do you visualize your previous attempts ?

Ram Manohar:  I visualise my previous attempts as an effort towards not becoming the civil judge rather towards becoming a human being who may be hard in toughest circumstance and soft in normal. This is what I have learnt from previous failures and present success.

Q.13. How did you manage to tackle the ‘Negative Marking’ in Prelims ?

Ram Manohar: There was no negative marking in Bihar Judiciary Prelims Test.

Q.14. What sources you relied for preparing GK and Law for Prelims ?

Ram Manohar: GK:- Lucent GK, Pratiyogita Darpan, The Hindu

Law:- for Prelims- Bare Acts, MCQs and for Mains Exam- Books, Case laws, Coaching Notes.

Q.15. What shift did you adopt in your strategy for MAINS (Written) exam ?

Ram Manohar: For mains, I started answering writing practice at home from previous years questions.

Q.16. What is the difference in the strategy of prelims exam and that of main exam ?

Ram Manohar:  Prelims- Preparation can be done with bare act and MCQ practice.

Mains- Notes, Books and Case laws needed.

Q.17. What advice you would give on preparing notes for prelims and mains exam?

Ram Manohar: Do not prepare notes for prelims, read bare acts thoroughly. For mains exam-notes must be prepared.

Q.18. What preparation strategy you adopted for writing essays and language papers?

Ram Manohar:  Practice as much as one can do. Give a fixed time for this in your time table.

Q.19. ‘Time Management’ is a key factor. How did you manage things ?

Ram Manohar: Time Management can be managed only by practicing and following a fixed time table.

Q.20. How did you prepare yourself for the Interview ?

Ram Manohar:  I brushed up legal concepts, current events and recent case laws. Besides, I had prepared in details all information related to my resume.

Q.21. In the Interview, when and which Board did you face ? How did your interview go on, how much time did it last and what were the questions asked during the Interview ?

Ram Manohar: I faced the Board of Justice Mr. Ravi Ranjan. It went good. It lasted for 10 minutes. They asked questions from CrPC, Constitution and current events.

Q.22. Were you preparing for other career opportunities as well while preparing for judicial Services ?

Ram Manohar:  No, I was not preparing for other career opportunities as option of litigation was always open.

Q.23. Did you also take other states judicial services exams ? If yes then which exams? Which exam was your priority ?

Ram Manohar: Yes, I took Jharkhand Judicial Services exam earlier. Bihar Judicial Services exam was always my priority as it is my home state.

Q.24. If you were not successful in other exams, what factors you think were its reasons ?

Ram Manohar: The only reason was I couldn’t place myself before interview Board in the same way as I am.

Q.25. How did you overcome your failures in the exams and how did you kept yourself motivated for the judiciary?

Ram Manohar: It is very difficult to overcome failures but has to do to accomplish the desired goal. In my case my parents were always with me like unshakable pillars. They always inculcated confidence in me and motivated me throughout the journey. An emotional support is always needed which can only be given by parents and Guruji !

Q.26. What do you think on preparing for other career opportunities while preparing for ultimate goal i.e. career in ‘Judicial Services’?

Ram Manohar: There must be back up plan. To a law graduate, other career opportunities are always open but while preparing, there must be in mind that there is no option except judicial services. Such approach will enhance the energy level during preparation.

Q.27. Q.What advise you give to those who plan to prepare for judiciary while working ?

Ram Manohar: It may be difficult to prepare for Judicial Services exams while working but not impossible. They should go for pinpoint preparation and try to avoid themselves from unnecessary reading.

Q.28. What advice you would give to the aspirants who are working and wish to start preparation for the exam ?

Ram Manohar: At first, they should allot at least five hours for preparation daily. Then, start with bare acts and end with books and case laws.

Q.29. What is the motto/secret of your success ?

Ram Manohar: There is no secret of success except hard work in proper planned direction. One must have faith in oneself. I did my ‘Karma’ with same faith, rest I  left upon the God. The God helps those who help themselves.

Q.30.What would you advice to the Judicial aspirants reading the interview?

Ram Manohar: I would like to advice every Judicial aspirant to have faith in themselves. First of all think that you can do then convert your thoughts into action and at last perseverance till you accomplish the goal. Intention towards endeavour must be clear as a clear heart can only get success !


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